Department Descriptions & Job Titles


Delta Dental of Oklahoma offers a wide range of employment opportunities. Delta Dental is comprised of 16 departments and two separate companies (Dental Practice Support by Delta Dental of Oklahoma and Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation). Each position requires its own set of qualifications and skills.


Following is a general description of the work being conducted within each department:


The Auditing Department ensures that policies, procedures, and contractual obligations are being adhered to consistently throughout the corporation. They audit to safeguard assets and verify quality, accuracy and reliability of financial data.

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  • Quality Assurance Auditor
  • Director, Assurance Services


The Claims Department evaluates and processes all claims for dental benefits, as well as maintains the processing system for groups, providers and benefits. Employees must be detail oriented and perform a variety of telephone, computer, administrative and keyboarding tasks.

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  • Claims Communication Specialist
  • Claims Entry Representative
  • Claims Examiner
  • Claims Processor Specialist
  • Claims Specialist
  • Claims Specialist/Group Exec Support
  • Claims System Analyst
  • Claims System Specialist
  • Document Control Coordinator
  • Operations Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Project and Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Supervisor, Claims and Benefit Administration
  • Director, Claims and Benefit Administration

Client Relations

The Client Relations Department provides service and support for all employer-sponsored group plan administrators of Delta Dental benefits by performing group setup, issuing contracts, ID cards and summary plan descriptions, delivering timely and accurate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to new and existing EDI group clients, and maintaining eligibility for billing and claim payment purposes.

Employees in this department possess excellent customer service, telephone and verbal communication skills, as well as administrative and computer skills.

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  • Client Relations Representative
  • Client Relations Specialist
  • Individual and Family Specialist
  • Individual and Family Specialist Team Lead
  • Electronic Services and Marketplace Specialist
  • Electronic Services Specialist
  • Supervisor, Eligibility and Electronic Services
  • Supervisor, Client Relations
  • Director, Client Relations

Corporate Communications

The Marketing/Communications Department centralizes and provides oversight for all internal and external communications, advertising, marketing, PR activities and sales support. Its target audiences include internal departments, key constituents (dentists, brokers, members and clients) business/civic/legislative leaders and the public at large.

The department fulfills requests from within the organization, as well as, the DDOK Foundation. Requests include: research projects, copywriting, newsletter development/production, video production, collateral design and printing, web site development/maintenance, print advertising and special projects. The department also coordinates activities with our national association to assure brand/online compliance.

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  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Communications Specialist
  • Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications

Customer Service

The Customer Service Department is a team of professionals devoted to improving the experience of various constituents who call to resolve issues concerning their dental benefits. As such, answering the phone is one of the key components of this department. Employees in this department render assistance, answer questions and represent the company as dental benefit experts. Successful team members demonstrate superior customer service and verbal communication skills. Reliability is also a key requirement for Customer Service team members.

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  • Customer Service Representative
  • Senior Customer Service Representative
  • Customer Service Specialist
  • Customer Service Team Lead
  • Manager, Customer Service
  • Director, Customer Service

Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation

The Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Delta Dental of Oklahoma. The Foundation’s mission is to improve the oral health of all Oklahomans – especially uninsured, underserved and vulnerable populations. This is accomplished by funding and facilitating oral health education and benevolent dentistry initiatives across the state.

Employees in this department manage resources and projects, communicate with providers and Oklahomans seeking services, and act as liaisons with organizations such as the Oklahoma Dental Foundation and the Oklahoma Dental Association.

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  • Education and Operations Administrator
  • Dental Care Navigator
  • Director, DDOK Foundation


The Finance Department manages all monetary and investment transactions for Delta Dental and its subsidiaries, as well as accounting and maintenance of all real estate properties.

Employees in this department are mostly accounting professionals with knowledge of accounting guidelines and procedures.

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  • Accountant (I and II)
  • Accounting Associate (AP & AR)
  • AP Specialist
  • Finance Project Specialist
  • Finance Team Lead
  • Director, Finance
  • Vice President, Finance

Government Relations and Compliance

The Government Relations and Compliance department maintains relationships with members of the Oklahoma Legislature and other government officials, monitors legislative activity that may affect the dental insurance industry, and monitors compliance with HIPAA and other related federal and state laws.

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  • Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Manager, Compliance and Governmental Affairs

Human Resources

The Human Resources department manages all Human Resources functions of the business, including: hiring, terminations, employee relations, benefit programs, training, and keeping up to date with state and federal laws. Human Resources also acts as a payroll liaison and coordinates employee events.

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  • Human Resources Generalist/Recruiter
  • Recruiter/Human Resources Generalist
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Director, Human Resources

Information Technology

Our Information Technology department utilizes a wide range of dedicated, high skilled, highly professional staff to provide tools, training, and support in the IT areas of infrastructure, development, compliance, security and support.

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  • Help Desk Administrator
  • IT Compliance Auditor
  • Network Administrator(I and II)
  • Programmer Analyst II
  • System Analyst Project Lead
  • Systems Computer Operator
  • Systems Network Administrator
  • SQL Database Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer and Solutions Architect
  • Supervisor, Applications Development
  • Supervisor, Network Operations
  • Manager, Software Engineering
  • Director, Claims Systems Architecture and Development
  • Director, IT Security and Compliance
  • Director, Applications Development
  • Vice President, Information Technology

Operations Department

Our Administrative Department performs secretarial and administrative duties for the CEO, COO and other departments as needed.

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  • Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Operations Administrative Assistant
  • Operations Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Director, Operations Projects

Provider Relations

The Provider Relations team builds and maintains relationships with dentists and dental office staff within our networks. They also actively recruit dentists to join the networks in order to continue the growth and development of each network.

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  • Provider Relations Administrative Assistant
  • Provider Systems and Data Analyst
  • Provider Systems and Data Specialist
  • Provider Training Specialist
  • Provider Resource Solutions Representative
  • Manager, Provider Relations
  • Director, Provider Relations


The Sales Department is a team of self-motivated, dedicated, and disciplined professionals who strive to build relationships with a variety of constituents. These constituents consist of Brokers, Mutual Clients, Group Contacts, Human Resources Personnel, as well as internal departments such as Underwriting, Customer Service, Claims, Client Relations and Finance. The team’s key responsibilities are new sales, renewal/retention of existing customers, providing service and sales support and attending enrollment meetings, trade shows/fairs and oral screenings. Exceptional communication skills, interpersonal skills and negotiation skills are critical to the success of these individuals. In addition, team members must have high attention to detail, adaptability, and follow through.

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  • In-house Small Business Specialist
  • Account Services Representative
  • Account Services Representative, Team Lead
  • Broker Relations Representative
  • Sales Liaison
  • Sales Project Specialist
  • Manager, Sales and Account Services
  • Vice President, Sales

Senior Staff

The long-tenured Senior Staff provides executive-level, strategic and tactical guidance to enable the corporation to achieve its mission to advance oral health care to all Oklahomans through dental benefits programs and dental-related philanthropic efforts.

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  • President and CEO
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Information and Security Officer
  • Chief Operating and Privacy Officer
  • Vice President, Sales


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Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

Equal Employment Opportunity is a fundamental principle at Delta Dental of Oklahoma. Employment is based upon personal capabilities and qualifications. Delta Dental will take actions necessary to offer and ensure employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability unrelated to ability to perform essential functions of the job, military status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state and local law.

This policy of Equal Employment Opportunity extends to all applicants and employees and applies to all policies and procedures relating to the employment relationship including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, promotion, transfer and compensation.

Delta Dental will also comply with applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will not discriminate against any qualified employee or applicant because of a disability. Delta will make reasonable accommodation for qualified employees or applicants with disabilities to the extent it does not impose undue hardship upon the company.