Delta Dental of Oklahoma is proud to offer a dental plan with no annual maximum!

Employers with 100 or more employees can offer Delta Dental PPO - No Max featuring an unlimited annual maximum on Preventive/Diagnostic, Basic and Major services. Your employees can relax - and know they can receive dental care when it is needed without the concern of exceeding an annual maximum.
Fill out an application today or contact our Sales department with any questions at, 405-607-4709 (OKC Metro) or 866-685-2112 (Toll Free). 


Employee Only


Employee + Spouse


Employee + Child(ren)


Employee + Family


Monthly rates for Delta Dental PPO - No Max plan are valid 1-1-18 through 12-31-19.
Employer Contribution:
minimum seventy-five percent (75%) of the Employee Only cost.
PPO - No Max plan must be presented as a single option for dental benefits.
Participation: minimum fifty percent (50%) of eligible employees.



Class I: Preventive/Diagnostic



Class II: Basic Services*


Class III: Major Services*



Class IV: Orthodontic Services**(Child Only)



Per Person Per Calendar Year Deductible



Annual Maximum
Class I, Class II and Class III services



Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum

$2,000 Per Child


♦   Endodontics, non-surgical extractions are payable as Class II Services
♦♦ Periodontics, oral surgery and general anesthesia/IV sedation are payable as Class III Services
*   Per Person Per Calendar year deductible applies.
** Covered for dependents under age 19.
Note: Provider reimbursement is based on the Delta Dental PPO maximum allowable amount, in or out of network. If treatment is provided by a dentist in the Delta Dental Premier network, the patient is financially responsible for the difference between the PPO maximum allowable amount and the Premier maximum allowable amount.
If a person is not enrolled in this Plan when he/she is first eligible, benefits are limited to Class I, II and IV Services during the first 24 months such person is covered by this Plan. Eligible employees are full-time employees. Dependent children may be covered until age 26.