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Typically results in the lowest out-of-pocket cost for care.

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Delta Dental PPO™
For Individuals and Families

2020-2021 Monthly Rates

Individual + Spouse
Individual + Child(ren)


What You Pay
Preventive / Diagnostic Services
Basic Services

Initial 6-month specific benefit limitation period applies.

Major Services

Initial 12-month specific benefit limitation period applies.

Orthodontic Services
*Annual Per Person Deductible Applies
Annual Per Person Maximum
Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum

Monthly Rates for Delta Dental PPO™ plan valid through 12-31-21

Endodontics, periodontics and oral surgery are all covered benefits under Basic Services in each plan. Benefits paid by the plan for covered oral evaluations and routine prophylaxis (cleanings) will not reduce your annual per person maximum for Preventive/Diagnostic Services, Basic Services and Major Services.

Unique Plan Features

More Cash In Your Pocket

Delta Dental PPO Network typically results in the lowest out-of-pocket costs of all plans.

Largest PPO Network

Access to 63 percent of Oklahoma dentists through the Delta Dental PPO Network.

No Balance Billing

Enjoy no balance-billing within the Delta Dental PPO Network.

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