Delta Dental of Oklahoma prides itself on meeting the needs of all businesses in our state regardless of size. That's why we offer a full range of dental benefit plans for small-business employers. We have combined these plans under one program called Delta Dental of Oklahoma-Select.

Employers with 2-99 eligible employees can offer the Select program, which allows employees to choose from a range of dental benefit options to find the plan best suited for their needs. Fill out a 2019 application today or contact our Sales department with any questions at, 405-607-4709 (OKC Metro) or 866-685-2112 (Toll Free). 


Delta Dental PPO Lowest Cost Dental Plan.


Employee Only$32.00


Employee + Spouse$65.00


Employee + Child(ren)$81.00


Employee + Family$109.00

Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier Expanded Network.


Employee Only$40.00


Employee + Spouse$80.00


Employee + Child(ren)$107.00


Employee + Family$158.00



Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier “Elite” with Enhanced Benefits.


Employee Only$75.00


Employee + Spouse$151.00


Employee + Child(ren)$196.00


Employee + Family$280.00

Unique Features

  • Typically results in lowest out-of-pocket costs of all plans
  • Access to Delta Dental PPO network
  • $1,500 annual maximum benefit
    (per person)
  • $1,500 maximum lifetime orthodontic benefit (per child)



Unique Features

  • Extended network access - subscribers have access to Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier networks
  • $1,500 annual maximum benefit
    (per person)
  • $1,500 maximum lifetime orthodontic benefit (per child)



Unique Features

  • Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier plan with extra benefits for tooth whitening, nitrous oxide, extra cleanings and family orthodontic benefit
  • $3,000 annual maximum benefit
    (per person)
  • $2,000 lifetime orthodontic benefit
    (per person)


Federally Compliant Products for Children to Age 19

Delta Dental of Oklahoma has two Federally Compliant Plans designed to meet ACA Pediatric Dental Essential Health Benefit standards.
Our plans include the Delta Dental PPO and Premier networks for maximum network access.


Delta Dental Pediatric Low Option.



Delta Dental Pediatric High Option.



Patient Direct Discount Program (Non-Insured)



Learn more about Delta Dental’s non-insurance discount referral program.

What Is Delta Dental Patient Direct?

Delta Dental Patient Direct is not insurance. It is a discount program in which you pay the dentist a discounted fee for services at the time of treatment.

The program utilizes its own network – the Delta Dental Patient Direct Network – comprised of more than 700 participating dentists in Oklahoma.

              Please Note: 
              Enrollees are obligated to pay for all dental services provided, and no payments will be made by Delta Dental of Oklahoma
              to providers of dental services.